Change in the IMG structure in the batch management area


New sections

The following sections are new in Batch Management

All Customizing settings for active ingredient management are described in a new section of the IMG.

Changed sections

The section 'Internal Batch Number Assignment' has been renamed 'Batch Number Assignment'.

In the section 'Batch Search Procedure Allocation and Check Activation' in 'Batch Determination and Batch Check', the topic 'Assign search procedure to production, activate check' was created. It includes two existing sections (for Release 3.0), and three new sections.

The term 'CFC' has been replaced by 'Customer exit' in the following three sections:

In 'Characteristic Value Assignment for Batches', the existing sections

have been grouped together in the section 'Valuation for goods movement in inventory management'

The chapter 'Valuation for creation of new batches using function

module' is new and has the following sub-sections

The section

the new section 'Batch Status Management', and the section

was added.