Renaming and functionality in the R/3 component Environment Data.



As of release 4.0A. the R/3 component Environment Data and its sub-components are renamed:

Previous component Current component
Environment Data (LO-EHS) Product Safety (LO-EHS-SAF)
Substance Data (LO-EHS-SDB) Substance Data (LO-EHS-SAF-SDB)
Substance Reports (LO-EHS-SRE) Substance Reports (LO-EHS-SAF-SRE)

The R/3 component Product Safety is a sub-component of the new R/3 component Environment Management (LO-EHS).


As of the R/3 release 4.0A, the R/3 component Product Safety has no additional functions to the R/3 release 3.0F.

The sub-component Substance Report Shipping is delivered as a test version only, and may not be used live.

However, outside the R/3 standard, the EH&S release 2.1 has a considerable number of additional functions, and is based on the R/3 release 3.0F. The EH&S release 2.1 should be installed on its own R/3 System.