Variant Configuration: New Functions


Deleting user entries

In the configuration editor, you can delete all user entries. This also deletes dependent values, if any user entries triggered actions, procedures, or constraints.

Display all components

On the result screen of the simulation, you can choose to display the components that were not selected, as well as the components that were. The components that were not selected are marked with an x.

Additional info indicator

The Additional info indicator for characteristics no longer exists. If characteristics or characteristic values have dependencies allocated to them, you see an icon in the possible entries dialog box. You can use this icon to display the dependency.

Type matching for assemblies in order BOMs

When you are processing an order BOM, you can replace assemblies in the BOM with suitable material variants, provided that the characteristic values assigned to the assembly are exactly the same as the characteristic values assigned to the material variant.

The system checks all the configurable assemblies in the BOM, and inserts a material variant in the place of all the assemblies that match a material variant. You cannot insert a material variant for just one assembly.

Allocating variant conditions directly

You can allocate a variant condition to a characteristic value, without having to define a dependency.

First, you must create a variant of condition type VA00 or VA01. In the configuration simulation function, select Condition to allocate a variant condition to a value.

You can only allocate one variant condition to a value in this way. For the condition to be processed, you must allocate a reference characteristic with reference to structure SDCOM to the variant class of the material.

Interface design

There is a new option for displaying characteristics that you have grouped together using Value assignment -> Interface design. As of Release 4.0A, you can display sets of characteristics in tab-card format (like a card index). To do this, select display format Tab.

This allows you to define more sets of characteristics than before, because you can use tabs to display the sets horizontally and pushbuttons to display the sets vertically on the value assignment screen.

You can only define tabs for the value assignment screen in variant configuration, not for the value assignment screen in classification.