Variant Configuration: Exploding the BOM in the Sales Order


Previously, you could simulate the explosion of any BOM in the sales order, even if the settings in the configuration profile did not allow this.

In Release 4.0A, the settings for BOM explosion result in the configuration profile determine whether you can simulate the BOM explosion.

You can only simulate a BOM explosion for materials that have the setting Sales order or Planned/prod. order: multi-level in their configuration profile, because only these settings allow multi-level configuration in the sales order.

If the configuration profile of a material has the setting Planned/prod. order: single-level or Order BOM, you cannot simulate the BOM explosion, because you cannot configure multiple levels of the BOM in the sales order.

To explode and process order BOMs, use the function for maintaining order BOMs.

The components of materials with the setting Planned/prod. order: single-level are selected in the planned order or production order.