LIS: Standard Analyses - Selection Versions


In Release 4.0A, the following changes have been made to the selection versions in the standard analysis:

Selection Versions Saved From the Standard Analysis Screen

These selection versions can be overwritten from out of the standard analysis and are displayed in the form of a tree.

If you save the selection version, this now affects all characteristics. First the characteristiscs of the standard drilldown are saved in the sequence of the standard drilldown, then the remaining characteristics are saved.
In addition, the displayed key figures, the format for the characteristics, the column width for the characteristics and for the key figures are also saved. These values are used by the system whenever the selection version is displayed and executed again.

Creating a Selection Version Manually

When you create a selection version manually, you can make presettings for the characteristic display, and the column width for both the characteristics and the key figures. Furthermore, you can define the display factor and the number of decimal places for each of the key figures. These values are used by the system when you display and execute the selection version.

Changes to the Interface

If you use the standard analysis to choose the selection version, the tree of selection versions appears instead of the list.

If you create a selection version maunally, in the screen for selecting the characteristics and key figures you will see three radio buttons (for characteristic display), and two input fields (characteristic column width and key figure column width). Next to each selected key figure, you will see an input field for the display factor and the number of decimal places.

Standard Analyses: New function in the menu Extras -> Display selection version . Until now, this function was only available on a pushbutton.

For further information on how to create selection versions, please see the R/3 Library documentation for the Logistics Information System (LO-LIS).