WM: Rough Workload Forecase (RWF) in the Warehouse


In Release 4.0A, it is possible to create a rough estimate of the workload in the warehouse.
This function is aimed at those in charge in the warehouse who need this information to form the basis for the planning of workforce and for creating picking waves.

A new concept called 'warehouse process' has been introduced which is designed to describe the business processes that deal with the workloads incurred. In this Release, the warehouse processes for the rough workload estimate are as follows:

The execution of these warehouse processes is made known by the following documents: vendor order, sales order, stock transport order, and delivery, along with the relevant documents for processing returns.
These documents form the basis for the updating of the workload data. The material documents goods receipt amd goods issue document how the workload has been dealt with; the workload data is reduced by these documents.

The key analysis levels are:

The most important key figures are:

Change system parameters in customizing

1. Whereas the quantity, weight, and volume can be taken directly from the documents, the table of workload times need to be maintained in order to enable calculation of the processing times.
2. In order that workload data is updated for the above documents, the relevant Customizing in the Logistics Information System needs to be carried out for the database tables.


This function will be extended in future releases to include the following:

Further notes

Updating is performed using functions in the Logistics Information System. This also means that a wide range of functions are available for planning and analyzing the data.