LIS - Sales Information System: New Update Groups 403 and 404


In Release 4.0A, two new update groups will be available in the SIS in table TMCB as follows:

purchase order
purchase order

These new update groups enable you to separate deliveries regarding stock transport orders and deliveries relating to returns orders distinctly from normal deliveries, without having to create your own update groups in the updating definition.
Up till now, such a distinct separation was only possible when self-defined update groups were created.

You should always use these new update groups when you are dealing with deliveries with a delivery type that has a purchase order as its preceding document.
Please note that the update group determination for deliveries such as these is always called up using the statistics group customer ='*'.

Further notes

In 4.0A, these two new update groups are already used in the standard system for the information structure S150; this means you can refer to this definition as an example.
This application observes the workload in indutrial and retail warehouse. The replenishment which flows from a distribution center to regional warehouses or to a store plays an important role here. This process is represented by the following document chain: stock transport order, delivery, goods issue.