Structural changes in the IMG for SD


Master data

The term assortment in Sales and Distribution has been changed to item proposal because assortment is also used in Retail.

Basic Functions


This contains the activities for 'Control incoming EDI for scheduling agreements' and 'Define schedule line types for scheduling agreements'.
The 'Maintain planning delivery schedule' activity is new.



Foreign trade

The following areas are new:

The following areas have been enhanced:


Rebate processing contains the following new activities:

Internal consumption has been re-worked and enhanced for account assignment.

Sales support

The list functions are now managed by Basis Tools and the settings, for example for display variants, are implemented interactively in the list. To use the new arrangement of functions, carry out the following new activities:

Electronic Data Interchange

Data transfer and Archiving

Data transfer from sales documents has been integrated in the data transfer workbench for 4.0A. The following changes in structure now allow you to transfer data using Direct Input:

System Adjustment

LIS (Logistics Information System)

Enterprise structure