Using the ABAP List Viewer to Create Lists in Sales and Distribution


As of Release 4.0, lists of the following documents in Sales and Distribution are managed by the Basis tool, the ABAP list viewer:

For information on list functions in Sales Support, see Enhancement of List Functionality in Sales Support

The list viewer enables you to manipulate the list display interactively. You no longer have to define settings for list displays in Customizing.

Change system parameters in customizing

The Customizing activities for lists will not be deleted as the following activities still need to be performed:

Choose Goto -> Indices -> Partner index on the relevant list layout screen.
This ensures that the partner index will be updated each time these partner functions are involved in a transaction.
Choose Goto -> Field selection -> Additional fields on the relevant list layout screen.

Please note that the system only takes the above Customizing settings into account. It ignores any other settings you make in Customizing for lists.

If you want to convert your existing display variants so that you can use them in the list viewer, run report SD_UMSL_T180S_LISTVIEWER.

Further notes

For detailed information on how to use the ABAP list viewer, see the cross-application documentation in the R/3 Library.