Reference to quotations and contracts


In Customizing for sales document types, you can set whether a reference should be made to existing quotations or contracts when creating a sales document. This setting can be made at header or item level. This means that the system either searches for open quotations or contracts at header level using the customer, or at item level using the customer and the material.

These functions have been improved for Release 4.0A. In Customizing for sales document types there are now four more characteristics for open quotations (With reference to quotations field) and for contracts (With reference to outline agreements field):

Indicators C and D:

If there is exactly one reference document for the header or item level,this reference document is copied directly into the sales document you are creating. In such a case, the dialog box that refers to an existing reference document does not appear in the sales document. A message appears in the status line to tell you that exactly one reference document exists for the sales document.

Indicators E and F:

If these indicators are set, when reference documents exist at header or item level, the dialog box containing the references is not called up. Instead you branch directly into a selection list containing the reference documents. You can then choose the required reference document. If there is only one reference document, then it is directly copied as for indicators C and D.