Delivery times in contracts - Commitment date in sales orders


As of Release 4.0A you are able to specify a delivery time in contracts and quotations. The delivery time is the time period that the customer grants the vendor from between the contract release order until the delivery arrives. In quotations, the delivery time helps you to agree on the latest guaranteed delivery time once the order has been placed.

In the sales order, the availability check issues both a calculated confirmed quantity, and a committed quantity and date which enables you to check that you keep to them.

These additional functions are particularly useful for working with contracts, where you might expect bottlenecks in availability that will affect the binding agreements made on deadlines. Above all, this will be of help in high-tech and chemical industries, as well as those branches of industry that produce goods to order.

Delivery time

You can enter the delivery time at header level, which influences the delivery times for all items in a quotation or contract. However, you can also enter a different delivery time for individual items.

Enter the delivery time at header level in the Delivery time field in the sales tab in the overview screen. To enter the delivery time at item level, go to the item table in the Del field.
You can set the required delivery times in Customizing under Sales and Distribution --> Sales --> Sales Documents --> Define agreed delivery times.
When you enter a sales order with reference to a contract or a quotation, the delivery item is copied to the order item. If no delivery time has been entered, nothing changes in sales document processing.

Commitment dates

There are new fields for the committed quantity and date in the schedule line screen for sales order items.
Normally, when orders are entered, the system uses the first availability check to calculate the commitment date. If a new availability check reveals a different date, this can be compared with the previous one in order to follow any changes in availability for a certain order item.

For release orders to a contract with the delivery time, or for a sales order that refers to a quotation containing delivery times, the system uses the delivery time to calculate the commitment date. The committed quantity results from the agreed delivery time, or the confirmed quantity, according to the settings in Customizing. If you make changes to the material, quantity, or delivery time, the system recalculates the committed quantity.

You can specify the rules for calculated commitment dates in Customizing for Sales document types in the Commitment date field. The following rules can be specified:

The commitment delivery date is issued in the order confirmation. The agreed delivery time is printed out with the contracts and quotations.

Delayed order indicator

There is a new status field for the order header and items that specifies whether the commitment date has been covered by the availability check for undelivered order quantities. You can display all sales orders that have "delayed" status with matchcode M. "Delayed" means here that the committed quantities cannot be confirmed (partially or completely), and that the quantity will be confirmed as a committed one later.