Enhancement of List Functionality in Sales Support


In Release 4.0, the following functions for lists in Sales Support have been redesigned and are now managed by the Basis tools, the ABAP list viewer and the report tree:

Selection process

The selection process has been enhanced as follows:

When you specify a customer and a contact person as selection criteria, the system selects sales activities which contain both the customer and the contact person.
For the dynamic selection, you can select any number of fields from the following sources and define a value for them:

You can create lists such as the following:

You can store your selection criteria in a selection variant. In the selection variant, you can control which fields appear on the selection screen.

List Display

You can manipulate the display of the list manually or using display variants. You can use all fields from the:

You can store the display of the list you create either as a standard or user-specific display variant. You can also define this variant as the initial variant for displaying lists in Sales Support.

List Functions

You can perform the following new functions:

The list is updated automatically when you return to the list.

The list can be used as a worklist for performing follow-up actions such as

Change system parameters in customizing

The following IMG activities in Sales Support have been deleted:

As of Release 4.0, you make settings interactively in the list. The settings are entered automatically in a transport request.

If you want to convert your existing display variants so that you can use them in the new interface, run the report SD_UMSL_T180S_LISTVIEWER.

Remember that to be able to include existing documents in your lists, you must update the partner indices by running report RVV05ICA.

For more information on the list viewer, choose Help -> R/3 library -> FI -> CO-Controlling -> Overhead Cost Controlling -> CO Overhead Cost Controlling -> Infosystem Cost Center Accounting -> ABAP Listviewer.