Assembly Processing with Networks/Projects


In Release 4.0A, as part of assembly processing with networks, you can now enter a value >1 in the sales order item.

The system calculates the quantity to be produced from the quantity in the sales order item and updates the execution factor in the network header. This factor affects all network activities that also have an execution factor; the values of work, duration and other parameters for assembly are multipied by the product of the two factors so that they correspond to thequantity in the sales order.

If the quantity in the sales order item changes, the network is updated; this is not possible if you have set a deletion flag , the status technically completed or the status completed.


A customer has ordered two machines. Both machines form one item in the sales order.You want to process the assembly of the machine using one network. When you create the network, the system calculates the work, the duration, the quantity of the allocated components and the costs using the execution factor in the network header:

The "pre-assembly" has 10 minutes planned work in the standard network. In the network the planned work is multiplied by the factor 6. This results in 60 minutes planned work for pre-assembly in the network.

Further notes

For more information about the execution factor, refer to the Project System documentation and the release information Execution Factor in the Network Header .