Down payments for sales orders


When dealing in capital goods and in plant engineering and construction, it is normal to reach an agreement with the customer on down payments for the creation and delivery of the contract items.

The down payments are a part of the agreement with the customer and are stored in the sales order.

A down payment agreement is stored as a date in a billing plan. This allows you to agree as many payments with different dates as required. The date at which the down payment request is to be created is determined and the date due date is assigned to the payment via the terms of payment.

The value of the agreed payment can either be entered as an amount or as a percentage of the value of the item.

If the payment agreement is assigned to an item with a billing plan, then the payment agreement is a date within this billing plan. If the payment agreement applies to all the items of the sales order, then it is represented using an additional item with a billing plan that contains only the payment dates.

On the due date, a down payment request is sent to the customer. This can be created manually or automatically via the billing due list. The down payment request is automatically posted in FI as a down payment request.

The down payment requests created can be seen in the sales order document flow.

When an incoming payment is posted for the down payment, the available down payment requests are proposed and assigned.

For partial invoices and final invoices, the down payments made are taken into the billing document as down payments for clearing. The value of the down payments for clearing is shown in the sales order.

During partial settlement, the amount of the down payment for clearing can be changed.

The down payments for clearing that are assigned to a billing document cause FI to consume the down payments made against the requirements created.


Payments in sales orders are only supported in conjuntion with a billing plan. No payments can be calculated, especially for delivery- related billing documents.

Further information

For detailed information, see Billing in the R/3 Library.

Change system parameters in customizing

You must carry out the following IMG activities for down payments:

1. Configurations for the billing plan:

This billing plan function is activated if you maintain the materials for which down payments are to be made using item category group 0005 (mile stone billing). This leads via item category determination to item category TAO. This item category (TAO) calls the billing plan functionality.

The following activities must be carried out for the billing plan in order to use down payment functionality

1. Maintain a pricing procedure:
2. Configurations for Financial Accounting:
A precondition for down payment processing is account assignment in the background sales document. You must carry out the following FI configurations in Customizing for the field status bars: