Optimizing order quantity in the sales order


From Release 4.0A you can automatically round the order quantities in the sales order. You can determine the rounding in a rounding profile in Customizing for Materials Management (see also Define rounding profiles), or by specifying a delivery unit or a minimum order quantity in the material or article master.

To check if a rounding up/down has been defined, the system proceeds as follows:

1. Is there a rounding profile in the customer-material info record?
2. Is there a rounding profile in the article master?
3. Is there a delivery unit in the material or article master?
4. Is the rounded quantity greater than the minimum order quantity in the article or material master?
If the rounded quantity is greater than or equal to the minimum order quantity then the system takes the rounded quantity. If the rounded quantity is lower than the minimum order quantity, then the system uses the minimum order quantity.

You can set the rounding profiles to be used in the article master or the customer-material info record. You can also set whether a rounding is permitted for individual customers and per item category in the customer master in Customizing for Sales and Distribution.

The system runs pricing and availability checks based on the rounded required quantity. The original quantity is displayed next to the rounded quantity in the schedule lines for an item.


You create a sales order for a material that has a rounding profile. The system automatically rounds the order quantity up or down in the sales order.

Further notes

You can find more information on optimizing order quantities in the R/3 library for SAP Retail under Purchasing --> Ordering.