Invoice correction request


As of Release 4.0, the invoice correction request represents a new method for processing complaints.

For credit and debit memo requests, an item is either completely credited to the customer, or you change the item so that it contains the quantity or value to be credited.

However with invoice correction requests, you change the item so that it is correct for the invoice. The credit memo contains the credit value calculated by the system.

For each item in an invoice, two items are automatically created in the invoice correction request: a credit and a debit item which both contain the same value and quantity. The complete quantity and value are credited in the credit item. If you change a debit item (e.g. new pricing, change in quantity), this will result in a difference amount. If the difference amount is positive, the system creates a credit memo and if it is negative, the system creates a debit memo.


8 units would have been correct so the customer expects a credit memo for 2 units.

You have to enter the following quantities in the appropriate documents:

The invoice correction request looks like this:

Change system parameters in customizing

The invoice correction request has its own order type - RK. This is already maintained in Customizing for Sales and Distribution under Define sales document types. If you wish to create a new sales document type for the invoice correction request, you will need to use the following settings:

You must also ensure that the copy control for the relevant sales documents (e.g. from billing type F2 to order type RK) is correctly maintained at header and item level. You can check this in Customizing for Sales and Distribution under Maintain copy control for sales documents in the Billing Document to Sales Document activity.

There are two new fields for controlling the debit item at item level:

Changes to the interface

If you create an invoice correction request, enter the order type RK, in Order --> Create . A dialog box appears in which you can enter the relevant invoice number. Then an overview screen appears, where two items are displayed for every invoice item.

Each item contains the document and item numbers of the preceeding document so that you know the origin of both items.

You can only change the debit item. The system checks whether the item's target quantity and/or net value has changed. You can use a function key to delete items that haven't changed.