New Organizational Structures in the Warehouse

In Warehouse Management in the R/3 System, the warehouse number is the highest and most important organizational unit. In order to ensure more efficient processes for goods receipt and goods issue , the following organizational units are available in the warehouse in Release 4.0A.

A gate in a warehouse can be used for both receiving and issuing goods. In Customizing it is possible to restrict the area of usage to either receipt or issue. The gate from which delivery takes place is already defined in the delivery. The gate can be automatically determined (for example, according to the customer) for each delivery.
A picked items zone is the area of a warehouse in which the goods are temporarily stored after unloading/before loading. In Customizing, picked items zones are assigned to the corresponding gates. The picked items zone can be automatically determined from the respective gate.
The picking area groups together storage bins according to perspectives of stock removal. This means that a picking area constitutes the opposite of the storage section, which groups together storage bins according to perspectives of stock placement. A delivery, for example, can be divided up over various picking areas in order to enable parallel picking.

Change system parameters in customizing

In Customizing, the following activities are to be performed: