Prices in the Stock Transport Order


Stock transport orders between two plants can be carried out with the aid of deliveries . If the plants are assigned to different company codes, this is described as a cross-company stock transfer. In this case, an intercompany billing document is used to perform billing for the goods delivered.

In many cases, intercompany billing is to take place with exactly the value used in the stock transport order. In Release 4.0A, you have the option of copying the conditions from the stock transport order to the intercompany billing document. This ensures that the intercompany billing document has exactly the same value as the stock transport order, even if manual changes have been made to the conditions in the intercompany billing document or the price has changed in the meantime.

Change system parameters in customizing

In Customizing, you need to define the document from which the conditions for the billing document are to be copied. To do this, you need to enter the value A (conditions from order) in the Price source field in copying control for billing documents (delivery document after billing document). It is advisable to select pricing type G (copy price components unchanged, redetermine taxes) in copying control.