WM: Planned Replenishment


This report creates transfer requirements for fixed bin replenishment where stock removals are allowed to take place before putaways because of the respective deliveries.

The report "Planned Replenishment for Fixed Bins" also takes into account, in addition to the stock situation, planned stock removals on the basis of fixed bin picking. The deliveries in question that initiate these stock removals can be limited using several selection criteria. Replenishment transfer requirements that have already been created are considered as future stock.

Using this report, you can - at the end-of-day closing - create all the replenishment transfer requirements for supplying the fixed bins for the following day. In this way, you get an overview of the planned replenishments. The report does not plan and control the replenishments for a particular time. The actual replenishment transfer must be initiated and executed in an organized way. The replenishment is posted in the system when you create a transfer order for a transfer requirement, and you confirm the order after it has been executed.

A goods transfer from a source storage type to a fixed bin in a fixed bin storage type is viewed as replenishment for the fixed bin. You must enter the fixed bin storage type in the selection screen of the report. The source storage type is not relevant for the report itself; the source storage type is only determined by the system using the material-dependent stock removal type indicator when you create a transfer order for a transfer requirement.