WM: Actual Performance Data and Incentive Wage Data in TO


WM transfer orders (TOs) were posted up to now without assignment of a processor and without entry of the execution time in the system. The actual data includes the following data in the transfer order header: processor (HR personnel number), actual time, start date and time, end date and time. The execution time of the transfer order can be expressed either as the actual duration or as the start and end time, or it can be left out completely.

The actual data can be entered for the following purposes:

A processor is assigned to the TO before execution (personnel number).
The entered execution times can be compared with the target times.
The processor as well as the target time are required as a basis for calculating the incentive wages. The execution time can also be included in the incentive wages.

The following functions are new:

With this transaction, you can assign the TOs before they are executed to a processor using their personnel number and you can enter the actual data after the TOs have been executed (processor and execution time).
Using this transaction, you can correct the performance data posted in the TO header, data such as target time, processor, actual time, start date and time, end date and time. You cannot call up the transaction via the menu. You must use the transaction code LT1A. Also, the transaction is protected through the authorization object L_SFUNC (special functions in Warehouse Management) with value 2 (execute repair programs).
Transaction for data transfer to HR: Using this transaction you can transfer the transfer orders relevant for performance data to HR. This transfer can take place periodically (for example, once a day).

The following function has been expanded:

When you confirm the transfer order, you can branch to a dialog box to enter the performance data. If the Customizing switch Input requirement for actual data is switched on, this dialog box appears automatically.

If the Customizing switch Actual time required in TO has the value 3 (= start and end time automatically), the end date and the end time are posted in the transfer order, and no dialog box appears on the screen.

Change system parameters in customizing

Using the keys movement type, source and destination storage type , you can assign a performance data profile to a transfer order. Since the storage types in the transfer order are not at header level, but at item level, transfer orders with a performance data profile are split. This ensures that this performance data profile applies for all items.

The performance data profile is made up of the following 4 indicators:

Characteristics: No performance data / Calculation of target data / Entry of actual data / Calculation of target data and entry of actual data / Calculation of incentive wages
Characteristics: yes / no
Characteristics: No actual time / Actual time as net time / Start and end time manually / Start and end time automatically
Characteristics: yes / no

Changes in procedure

Incorrect performance data can be changed using the transaction Change transfer order header.