WM: Planned TO Processing Time


The planned processing time in the transfer order refers to the calculation of the time required to execute a goods movement. We also refer here to the target time required for a transfer order.

You can set this time calculation using the Customizing application. You can perform this calculation using two formulas (for item and for order) at the time of transfer order creation. The calculation is also dependent upon the material, the quantity, the unit to be transferred, and the geographical data.

The aims of this calculation are to provide the following:

Thetarget data, together with the actual data (see respective release information), provide the basis for evaluations of workload in the warehouse.
The planned processing time, together with the actual data (processor of transfer order), can be confirmed to the HR component via an interface. The incentive wages (for example, for the picker) are then calculated there.

Change system parameters in customizing

Handling performance data

Dependent functions

The determination of the target data is absolutely required for the interface to the component HR (as mentioned above).

Further notes

See Release Information

Actual Performance Data and Incentive Wage Data in TO.