WM: Prepicked Shipping Units


As of Release 4.0, there are new functions available in the Warehouse Management component that allow you to place prepicked shipping units into interim storage.

You control this type of storage using three reports:

You find these functions also in the Warehouse Management menu under Transfer Order -> Create -> For shipping units. Transfer orders with one item are created. These can be confirmed in the reports. As of Release 4.0 it is also possible to move shipping units using the standard functions.

Here you are dealing with a special stock that is only maintained in Warehouse Management from the stock viewpoint. This is necessary because the goods are already assigned to an object (for example, delivery ) and must not be available for other requirements. The prepicked shipping units are assigned to the special stock with the special stock indicator Y (Table T148).

This requirement came originally from the Retail area and has been incorporated into Retail Release 1.2. Due to the lack of warehouse capacity at the customer, the picked goods (for example, seasonal goods) are delivered only at a later point in time. The goods are stored in interim storage as prepicked goods with reference to the delivery. The goods are then picked at the time of delivery.

Delivery items must be packed into shipping units in advance. The requirement for storage of shipping units is the definition for the packaging material in the Warehouse Management view. Only the shipping unit, not the packed contents (for example, the delivery items), is transferred and recorded in the stock. The delivery number is updated in the quant in the requirement number. If you want to look at the contents of the shipping unit, you will find information on the packaging items in the packaging functionality for the shipping unit number.

Change system parameters in customizing

For the respective function, separate movement types must exist for stock placement (putaway) or stock removal (picking) of shipping units. Up to now, movement types 91 or 92 were used. Define or change the movement type according to your own requirements.

Define movement type