Delivery from the Project System


In Release 4.0A you can now create deliveries directly in the Project System instead of using the function in Sales and Distribution. It is easier for you to put a delivery together, since you now can deliver components which are not sales order items, without having to enter them manually.

With this new function you can generate lists of material components for delivery based on a project, sales order, network or production order as well as other criteria, such as:

The system checks the availabilty of the selected components. If they are available, goods issues and actual costs are posted automatically.

You can then further process the delivery with standard SD functions such as picking and packing. You can evaluate all deliveries including those from projects in the Information System for Sales.

In addition, you can predefine delivery information relevant to a particular project or WBS element, such as:

Changes to the interface

To access the delivery function choose the menu options Project management -> Operative Structures -> Tools -> Delivery from PS.

To maintain delivery information choose Project management -> Operative structures -> Delivery info .