Change Documents - Delivery


When saving a changed delivery, the system automatically creates change documents. Here the system creates changes for header, item, partner, status, and administrative data.

You can display the change documents (in a similar way to displaying the document flow) from every screen for the delivery, in either change or display mode, by entering the delivery number. You can restrict the scope of the display by also entering the item number, user name, and the date from which changes are to be displayed.

It is also possible to display change documents for a delivery that has already been deleted. Here you need to call up the display of change documents while in a screen for a delivery that still exists, and then enter the number of the deleted delivery.

You can choose between displaying the list of change documents either as an overview or in detail. You can also sort the list.

You can also call up an overview of statistics, where you can select specific objects or change types for display. You could, for instance, choose only to display deleted items, or only additions made to the document header.