Incompletion Log in the Delivery


When creating and processing deliveries it is often necessary to check that the delivery is complete. A delivery is incomplete when relevant fields are empty. The incompletion log of the delivery is used to perform this completion check automatically. The procedure in the delivery is the same as in the sales order.

You can perform the check on the following levels of the delivery:

You can display the incompletion log from delivery processing and branch to processing of the incomplete fields.

You can use the incompletion log to control whether the subsequent funkcions picking, packing, goods issue, or billing are permitted in the case of incomplete deliveries. You can also prevent incomplete deliveries from being saved. If delivery creation takes place using collective processing in such a case, the reasons for incompletion are displayed in the collective processing log and the delivery is not created.

For instance, the incompletion log enables you to recognize the following situations:

Change system parameters in customizing

If you want to activate the incompletion log for a delivery, you need to assign an incompletion procedure to the delivery type and the delivery item category.

See: Assign incompletion procedures

In the procedure, you define the fields that are to be included in the completion check.

See: Define incompletion procedures

Finally, you can use the status group to define which subsequent activities are not allowed for incomplete deliveries.

See also: Define status groups

Dependent functions

If you use serial numbers in the standard system for the incompletion log, this results in the following change when you create/change delivery documents:

If you decide when you

determine the serial number profiles that the serial number usage is 03 ('mandatory') for the serialization procedures SDLS (Maintain delivery) or SDRE (Maintain returns delivery), and if this condition is not satisfied (i.e. serial numbers are missing), the delivery document is not created or cannot be saved due to the Customizing settings for the incompletion log . In Release 4.0, the system reacts accordingly if the serial number usage 01 ('none') is not satisfied (i.e. serial numbers are defined unexpectedly).