Automatic Packing Proposal


The automatic packing proposal gives you the option of having the shipping units for the items to be packed automatically proposed. The proposal contains both the shipping material and the contents for each shipping unit. For instance, the packing proposal for a delivery with 3 items could propose that the first item is divided equally between two pallets and the second and thrid items are packed together in one container.

In delivery processing, the packing proposal is carried out automatically for Warehouse Management when a delivery is created and when a transfer order is created. Furthermore, it is possible to start the packing proposal manually from the packing screen.

In Release 4.0 the automatic packing proposal has been defined by means of several user exits. You can edit the user exits by using the transaction for Project Management of SAP Enhancements. The SAP enhancement PACKMODI is used here.

For further information on the user exits, please see the documentation for the SAP enhancement PACKMODI . Here you will also find an example of how to use the exits.

In subsequent release levels, it is planned to control the automatic packing proposal by means of a configurable packing data determination procedure.

Change system parameters in customizing

You can choose whether the packing proposal is carried out automatically for each delivery type.

See: Define delivery types