Cancelling Goods Issue for Delivery


Cancellation of the goods issue for the delivery represents resetting the goods issue posting transaction. If you cancel the goods issue for a delivery, the system creates a cancellation document that copies the quantities and the valuation from the goods issue document and makes the respective value- and quantity based stock posting. In addition, the cancellation document is updated in the document flow for the delivery.

Cancellation of the goods issue also changes the goods movement status of teh delivery. After cancellation, it is possible to process the delivery again (e.g change the delivery quantity).

If the delivery has already been partly or fully billed, it is too late to cancel the goods issue for the delivery. Furthermore, it is not possible to cancel the goods issue for only a part of the delivery. The entire order is always cancelled.

If you wish to cancel the goods issue for deliveries, you can choose the relevant deliveries by using the criteria shipping point, route, goods issue date, group of deliveries or shipment number. You can select one or several deliveries and perform the cancellation. The system creates a log for the cancellations that have been carried out and the errors that have occurred.

Change system parameters in customizing

A cancellation movement type must be defined for each movement type that is used in the goods issue. If you have defined your own movement types, you need to define corresponding cancellation movement types and assign the movement types to the goods issue.

See also: Change movement types

Cancellation movement types have been set up and assigned in the SAP standard system for the following movement types:

1. Delivery to external customer (movement type: 601 cancellation: 602)
2. Replenishment delivery (movement type: 641 cancellation: 642)
3. Cross-company replenishment delivery (movement type: 643 cancellation: 644)
4. Return delivery of returnable packaging / cancellation of lending (movement type: 621 cancellation: 622)
5. Issue customer returnable packaging (movement type 623/624)
6. Consignment lending / consignment returns delivery (movement type: 631 cancellation: 632)
7. Issue customer consignment/ receipt customer consignment (movement type: 633 cancellation: 634)
8. One-step transfer (movement type: 645 cancellation: 646)
9. Delivery for stock transfer without order (movement type: 603 cancellation: 604)
10. Delivery from projects (movement type: 281 cancellation: 282)
11. Deliveries of subcontracting stock (movement type: 541 cancellation: 542)