A.E.S. Automated Export System - United States of America


As of release 4.0, Foreign Trade gives you the option of using the official electronic customs declaration system of the United States of America, A.E.S. - the Automated Export System. This system replaces other current procedures, such as the A.E.R.P. - Automated Export Reporting Procedure.

A.E.S. is an EDIFACT-based system and uses the official UN released output types CUSDEC - Customs Declaration and CUSRES - Customs Response. The foreign trade data is sent to the customs authorities in customs-specific data via IDOC and an EDI converter. This makes the export process simpler and more structured, saving time and money.

In the USA, you need official certification from the US authorities to use the A.E.S.

The A.E.S. in R/3 Foreign Trade has official certification.

Note: Throughout the world (in the 30+ countries that are members of the WCO - World Customs Organization) similar systems are likely to be introduced in the near future. This development guarantees the relevance of the R/3 Foreign Trade module in the future

The basis for A.E.S. is IDoc EXPINV02 Export Invoice.
This IDoc contains all data relevant to the export that are needed for creating a CUSDEC output. Confirmation is made in the form of a CUSRES output using IDoc TXTRAW. Workflow is used to collect valid output at the appropriate places while invalid output are sent by mail to the employees responsible for export.