Cash account determination using condition technique


Like the G/L accout, the cash account can now be determined using the condition technique.

Before Release 40A, cash account determination was carried out using G/L account determination as follows:

If a cash account key was maintained for the billing type, then this was used in G/L account determination instead of the account key from the pricing procedure to determine the corresponding account.

You can now choose to set up a separate cash account determination using the full scope of the condition technique.


Only the new technique is supported for new billing types that you create.

You can use both techniques for billing types that you maintained previous to Release 40A:

You can either select field 'Acc.key-cash alloc.' for the old technique, or field 'Acc. det. cash set.' for the new technique.

Change system parameters in customizing

You maintain cash account determination in chapter "Cash account determination" of the IMG.