Crossmatching Sales Activities and Sales Promotions



The aim of this function is to avoid customers and sales prospects being targeted by too many sales activities and sales promotions. You can create a list of all the sales activities and sales promotions for partners who are included in at least one other sales activity or promotion. When you call the crossmatching function, you reach a selection screen on which you can define selection criteria such as:

You must specify the sales organization in which you want to search for redundant documents. You can specify that the system propose which documents can be assigned the "completed" status and which partners can be deleted from which sales support documents.

The system creates a list of

The system proposes the "completed" status be assigned as follows:

If the system determines that both a sales sctivity and a direct mailing can be assigned the "completed" status, it proposes that the "completed" status be assigned to the direct mailing.

In the case of direct mailings with more than one partner, the system checks all partners in each mailing to determine which of the partners can be deleted. One partner must remain assigned to the direct mailing. If a partner in a direct mailing is also included in a sales activity which could be assigned the "completed" status, the system determines that the partner should be deleted from the direct mailing rather than the sales activity being assigned this status.

The system only makes proposals for assigning the completed status to a document or the deletion indicator to a partner. You can reverse these proposals.

The crossmatching function can be called from:

In this case, you can create the list for all partners in the system.
In this case, you can only create the list for partners in the address list.

During processing of the crossmatching list, you have at your disposal all the usual functions such as changing the list display and branching to master data or to your mail inbox.