New functions in sales


Release 4.0 has new functions for EDI in the following areas:

Incoming orders and changing orders with header/item conditions

In Release 3.0 conditions that were sent in the IDoc segments E1EDK05 (header conditions) and E1EDP05 (item conditions) could not be copied into the order. Instead, the employee responsible received a message explaining that conditions had been sent in an IDoc (intermediate document).

As of Release 4.0 the conditions (that is, IDoc segments E1EDK05 and E1EDP05) are copied into the order.

Incoming order with reference to contract

You can copy an order with reference to a contract via EDI in the R/3 System, but only header data will be transferred from the IDoc. The system copies the contract, which is already available in the system, to the order and then the header data are copied from the IDoc to the order.

Delivery order

A delivery order (MAIS pick-up sheet) is used in component supply processing. This pick-up sheet can be transferred via EDI as a delivery order.

To do this, there is a new version of the IDoc for the order (ORDERS03). IDoc ORDERS03 also contains the E1EDL37, E1EDL38, E1EDL39 and E1EDL44 segments and these are used for the packing proposal.

There is also a new message category - DELORD - for the delivery order.

The system does not allow you to change the delivery order using EDI.

New EDI order types

The following order types can be entered or changed:

ALE enhancements

Data that is relevant for delivery is forwarded from the sales order to the IDoc for the purchase order.

The system looks at the following data and copies it into the IDoc segments for message categories ORDERS, ORDRSP and ORDCHG:

There are new fields in the business data in the order for transferring purchase order data from the ship-to party. You can find further information on this subject in the "Enhancement of purchase order data in sales order processing" release note.

When you enter or change the sales order, the new data are sent to the central system per IDoc.

Order confirmation with conditions at header and item level

When you confirm orders with EDI the header or item conditions are copied from the sales order to the IDoc.