Special procurement keys (revised functions)


Special procurement keys control the procurement and storage of a material, such as by stock transfer or production in alternative plant.

The special procurement key has been revised in release 4.0. You can now, in addition to using the special procurement type, also define how the system treats the material as a component during the BOM explosion using control indicators.

This should be made clear by the following example:

A material appears in several BOMs as a component because it is assembled in finished products in in-house production. It is procured from an alternative plant if no dependent requirements exist for the material.

The same material, on the other hand, is also sold from stock to customers, who need the material as a replacement part, for example. In this case, the material can be procured by stock transfer because with planned independent requirements, procurement you cannot use withdrawal from an alternative plant.

You can do this by creating a special procurement key using the stock transfer special procurement type and by selecting the indicator for withdrawal from alternative plant. You assign this special procurement key to the appropriate material in the material master record.

Change system parameters in customizing

The following special procurement types are defined in the standard settings:

In-house production:

External procurement:

Please note that the special procurement key, phantom in planning, has been replaced with new development in release 4.0. For more information, refer to the release note for Displacing the stocking level (new functions).

To maintain the special procurement keys, choose Define special procurement key in Customizing.