Purchasing: New Customer Exits


The following customer exits are available as of Release 3.1G. For further information, refer to the documentation of the relevant exits.

Customer exit MM06E004

This customer exit allows you to specify when the import data screens for intra-European imports and exports are to appear.

For this purpose, data on the PO header, vendor master record, and company code is passed onto the function group via the function exit. You can then use this data to make the import data screen appear according to your requirements.

Customer exit LMELA010

The enhancement LMELA010 comprises a function module that is invoked when the IDoc for a shipping notification that is to be generated is received.
This enhancement allows the adoption of item data (i.e. delivery data from the vendor) that is not adopted in the communication structure from the incoming IDoc in the standard functionality.

Customer exit LMELA002

The enhancement LMELA002 comprises a function module that is invoked when a goods receipt is processed with reference to a shipping notification.

This enhancement allows the batch number to be taken from the associated shipping notification as the default value for each item in the goods receipt.

A prerequisite is that you are using enhancement LMELA010 for the adoption of the batch numbers in the shipping notification.

Customer exit MELAB001

This enhancement facilitates the creation of a transmission timetable for forecast schedule releases. A transmission timetable indicates which forecast schedule releases are to be transmitted at a particular time-spot.

Customer exit MEETA001

This enhancement allows you to define the schedule line type for each of the individual schedule lines of a release. The types of schedule line include the following: backlog, immediate requirement, or forecast.

Customer exit MEVME001

This enhancement allows you to specify the following data (deviating from the standard system):