Procurement Process in the Intranet


Internet Application Component (IAC) "Procurement via Catalogs"

In any given enterprise, it is likely that a large number of employees from different departments will continually be giving notice of their requirements of various items. For example, secretaries will regularly need office supplies, and production workers on the shop-floor may run short of screws from time to time.

As of Release 4.0A, the process of requesting a material is simplified by means of the Internet application component "Procurement via Catalogs", with its easy-to-use browser interface. An employee can search through external product catalogs and the SAP product catalog and add suitable materials found to the list of materials to be procured. If the SAP material number is known, it can be entered directly. If neither the number is known, nor a suitable material can be found in the catalog, the employee enters a description of his or her requirement.

After saving, the system generates purchase requisitions, reservations and/or purchase orders depending on the item data and the settings in Customizing. If a material was adopted from the SAP product catalog, the system creates both a purchase order and a sales order (in the Sales and Distribution component) and updates the purchase order by adding the sales order number.

The process within the IAC is as follows:

1. You log into the R/3 System via the relevant home page.
The initial screen appears.
If the system cannot determine a purchasing group or a material group from your user master record, the screen with the global data appears. Here you have to provide further data.
2. You have the following options on the initial screen:
3. If you wish to search through a catalog, use the "possible entries" facility to choose the desired catalog and then click on the "Catalog search" function.
The catalog is called up and you choose one or more materials.
The catalog returns the SAP material number to the application (if possible).
If only the vendor material number and the vendor number can be returned, the system searches the info records with this data.
If only the manufacturer part number and the manufacturer can be returned, the system searches the material master records with this data.
If an SAP material number is found, the system carries out an availability check and shows the result in graphic form. Otherwise the system generates a non-stock item.
4. You can
5. You save your items.
Depending on the item data and the settings in Customizing, the system generates a purchase requisition, a purchase order and/or a reservation.
If a material was adopted from the SAP product catalog, the system generates a purchase order and, from this, a sales order in the Sales and Distribution component. The sales order number is recorded as the order acknowledgment number of the PO item. On the acknowledgment (confirmation) screen, you see both the PO number and the sales order number.
SAP provides the enhancement LMEWPU06 (function exit EXIT_SAPLMEWP_001), allowing you to determine which object is to be generated.

Internet application component (IAC) "Status in Case of Procurement via Catalogs"

You can monitor the status of your request using this IAC (e.g. status "Material corresponding to reservation already withdrawn from stores").

Change system parameters in customizing

In Customizing, specify:


You can also use the enhancement EXIT_SAPLMEWP_001.

Internet Application Components (IACs)