Enhancements in Partner Determination


As of Release 4.0A you can set up the partner determination facility in purchasing documents as follows:

There is an advantage in later partner determination if you have maintained variant data in the vendor master record (i.e. have maintained partners at plant and/or sub-range level. The system checks whether or not all document items have the same plant or sub-range. If so, it searches for partners that are defined at just this level.
In the course of automatic PO generation, the partners are always determined at the start of document generation, since all document items already exist. This also has the advantage that all partners are available at the time of price determination if you use a different invoicing party in the pricing process.
In vendor master record for Miller Co., you have maintained the ordering address "Myers Inc." but have not entered any different ordering addresses for the individual plants. You create a PO for Miller Co. and enter a plant in the default data for the items.
Up to Release 4.0A, the system does not determine any partner unless the "Mandatory role" indicator has been set for the partner role "Ordering address".
As of Release 4.0A, if the indicator is set, the system determines the partner role at the next possible level. In the example, it finds the ordering address "Myers Inc.".
With Release 4.0A, this attribute of the "mandatory role" no longer applies. In order that the system behavior does not change in the case of the mandatory roles, the new indicator Higher level is set for all mandatory roles when you switch to Release 4.0A.

Change system parameters in customizing

You make the settings within the partner determination facility:

Define partner schemas