Purchasing: New SAP Transactions


As of Release 4.0A, new transactions are available. They replace the old transactions in the Purchasing area menu as shown below:

New trans. Description Old trans.
ME31K Create Contract ME31
ME31L Create Scheduling Agreement ME31
ME32K Change Contract ME32
ME32L Change Scheduling Agreement ME32
ME33K Display Contract ME33
ME33L Display Scheduling Agreement ME33
ME35K Release Contracts ME35
ME35L Release Scheduling Agreements ME35
ME80F General Analyses: Purchase Orders ME80
ME80R General Analyses: Outline Agreements ME80
ME80A General Analyses: RFQs ME80
ME9F Message Output: Purchase Orders ME90
ME9A Message Output: RFQs ME90
ME9K Message Output: Contracts ME90
ME9L Message Output: Sched. Agreements ME90
ME9E Message Output: Sch. Agmt. Schedules ME90
ME91F Urging/Reminders: Purchase Orders ME91
ME91E Urging/Rem.: Sched. Agmt. Schedules ME91
ME91A Urging/Reminders: RFQs ME91
ME92F Monitor Order Ackn.: Purchase Orders ME92
ME92K Monitor Acknowledgment: Contracts ME92
ME92L Monitor Acknowledgment: Sched. Agmts. ME92

The old transactions are still available.

The advantages of the new transactions are: