SD Delivery for Input Materials Provided for Subcontracting Purposes


As of Release 4.0A, you have the option of creating an SD delivery from within the list of stocks for a subcontractor for the purpose of delivering input materials to be provided to that subcontractor in connection with a subcontract order.

As a result, shipping papers and delivery notes are made available for the shipment of the input materials to the subcontractor.

Change system parameters in customizing

In the standard system, all settings for the delivery type 'LB' have been made. If you wish to use different delivery types depending on the plant, you must maintain them in Customizing.

For more on this subject, please refer to the IMG
Set up subcontract order.

Changes to the interface

You can display the stocks for the subcontractor using the menu path "Purchase order -> Reporting -> SC stocks per vendor".

You can provide the vendor with materials directly from the list of stocks by creating an SD delivery. The following menu is available for this purpose: "Environment -> Goods issue -> Delivery".

Via "Environment -> Goods issue -> Open deliveries", you can display the stocks of "materials provided" for which SD deliveries already exist but for which the goods issue has not yet been posted.

In the stock overview, there is a new line "Delivery with open GI" per vendor and material.

Procedure for removing dataset errors


Further notes

In this connection, see also the Release Info
Service specifications in subcontract orders.