Receipt of Confirmations (Acknowledgments etc.) via EDI: Enhancement


Up to Release 3.0, quantities and dates from vendor confirmations relating to delivery schedule lines can be imported into the SAP System via EDI.

As of Release 4.0A, you can also import the price and the vendor's material number into the SAP System from such confirmations.

The price is the net price (i.e. does not involve the condition records).

The price confirmed by the vendor can vary from the price in the PO provided that the variance does not exceed certain tolerance limits.

Change system parameters in customizing

Price and vendor material change

The following new indicator is available in Customizing for confirmations:

The two new condition types EDI1 (confirmed price) and EDI2 (absolute value variance) have been created and included in calculation schema RM0000 for this purpose. The condition types have the condition category 'd'. In the calculation schema, EDI1 has the requirement 053 whereas EDI2 has the requirement 053 with the value formula 040.

After updating via a new confirmation, the price from the purchase order or the last confirmation is recorded in condition type PB00 by the system.

Please note that a prerequisite is that you must fill the steps of the following sub-totals in calculation schema RM0000:

For more on this topic, refer to the IMG documentation

New enhancements

The following new function exits are available in the customer enhancement MM06E001 for the confirmed PO item:


If the currency, the price unit of measure, or the price unit in the confirmation differs from the corresponding data in the PO, the inbound confirmation is rejected by the system as faulty.