Purchasing: Overall Release of Purchase Requisitions


Up to Release 4.0A, purchase requisitions could only be released (or approved) on an item-wise basis. As of SAP Release 4.0A, you can also release a complete purchase requisition. This can be useful with respect to requisitions whose items logically belong together. (For example, a requisition for a PC, with the items monitor, hard disk, keyboard, etc.)

Whether a purchase requisition has to be released complete or item by item is determined by the document type. If the requisition is subject to overall release, item-wise release is not possible.

For the purpose of determining the release strategy, the data from the items is aggregated. For example, if a total value of $10,000 is defined as the condition for a strategy, the system adds together the values of the individual items. If this sum reaches or exceeds the total value, the system assigns the strategy.


Change system parameters in customizing

You must set up the following in Customizing for purchase requisitions:

You use the scope-of-list parameters to specify whether only a "header line" is displayed per purchase requisition during collective release, or whether all items are listed as well.

Maintain purchase requisition lists

Changes in procedure

You release purchase requisitions that are subject to overall release using the individual release or collective release functions.

In the case of requisitions for overall release, you see either the "header line" only or all items as well, depending on the list parameters selected.

Further notes

Overall release is not possible with the Internet application component "Collective Release of Purchase Requisitions".