Purchasing: Cumulative Quantities in Scheduling Agreements


As of Release 3.1H, the recording of cumulative quantities can start from a figure specified by yourself. This can be useful, for example, if you create a new scheduling agreement and wish to start from the cumulative quantity of a preceding one.

If the ongoing computation of the cumulative quantity is to start at a certain figure, you must leave the "Reconciliation date" field in the additional data of a scheduling agreement item empty and maintain an agreed cumulative quantity. The system will then add the cumulative received quantity to the agreed cumulative quantity. The new figure is the basis for the further ongoing computation of the cumulative scheduled quantity.


You enter into a scheduling agreement with vendor Miller Co., effective from the middle of the year, for material Steel 1. Another such agreement already exists with Miller Co. with respect to this material. Up to the middle of the year, goods receipts totalling 55 pcs. have been posted against this latter agreement. The cumulative quantities in the new scheduling agreement are to be based on this figure.

You enter the agreed cumulative quantity 55 in the new scheduling agreement and enter schedule lines for 01.07 (20 pcs.) and 15.07 (30 pcs.). As yet, there have been no goods receipts against the new scheduling agreement. The cumulative received quantity is thus 0; the agreed cumulative quantity is 55. The starting figure for the cumulative scheduled quantity is thus 55.

The cumulative quantities are as follows:

Date Scheduled qty. Cu. sch. qty. (Sch. qty. w/o. agr. cu. qty.)
01.07. 20 75 (20)
15.07. 30 105 (50)