New Print Program for Scheduling Agreement Releases


In the case of scheduling agreements with release documentation, no updating of the print-dependent fields (such as date and time of release and old quantity) was previously carried out by the print program. Updating was carried out at a later point in time. For customer's own analyses, this had the disadvantage that the data determined was not up to date.

As of Release 4.0A, a new, simple print program is available for outputting scheduling agreement releases (FRC and JIT delivery schedules).

Once the print process has been triggered, the data in the relevant scheduling agreement item, releases, and schedule lines is updated by the print program (that is to say, it is automatically updated virtually at the same time as the scheduling agreement release is transmitted).

Change system parameters in customizing

If you have previously worked with the standard print program, you can still do so without making any settings.

If you use your own print program, you must enhance it.
For information on this topic, refer to Note no. 82169.

Further notes