Simplified Procurement Using Blanket Purchase Orders


As of Release 4.0A, it is possible to create purchase orders with a value limit and a validity period (instead of a delivery date).

The use of such longer-term purchase orders with value limits allows you to procure various materials or services from a vendor for which the creation and processing of individual POs is regarded as uneconomical.

You may wish, for example, to use a blanket order to procure all office supplies or various minor services required during the course of a year.

In a blanket purchase order, you merely set a value limit and enter a brief general description of what the order covers (e.g. office supplies).

Account assignment and invoice verification:

The account assignment for the limit need not be known at the time the blanket PO is created.

There is no goods receipt (or, in the case of services, entry and acceptance of work performed) against blanket POs. Instead, invoices are posted directly with reference to the order.

When procurement is carried out on the basis of blanket POs, requirements are usually distributed among several account assignments. The latter are specified with the invoice values at the time of invoice verification since they are not known prior to this time.

If account assignment data has already been maintained in the purchase order, it is suggested by the system at the time of invoice verification. These default values can be changed.

You can monitor the values invoiced to date in the PO itself.

Preconditions for posting invoices relating to blanket purchase orders:


Further notes

No special reporting and analysis functions for blanket purchase orders are planned for Release 4.0A.