Invoicing Plan for Recurrent Procurement Transactions and Partial Settlement


As of Release 4.0A, customers have the option of working with invoicing plans. An invoicing plan comprises a list of scheduled dates on which invoices relating to PO items covering materials or services can be entered and subsequently paid.

The invoicing plan facilitates the largely automated creation and payment of invoices for both recurrent procurement transactions (e.g. rental or leasing) and transactions that are to be invoiced in stages.

The following two invoicing plan types are available:

Change system parameters in customizing

In order to work with an invoicing plan, you must maintain the settings in the section Invoicing plan. For example, you can define the desired invoicing plan types and maintain or define date categories, descriptions and defaults, or specify that the system suggests invoicing dates.

Further notes

Invoicing plans are not adopted when purchase orders are copied.