Enhancements Involving Purchase Orders and Deliveries


As of Release 4.0A, the following function enhancements are available:

Up to Release 4.0A, only the ordered quantity could be used in the generation of a delivery from a stock transport order. As of Release 4.0A, you can also use the confirmed quantity from the availability check. Note that the delivery date remains unaffected.
A precondition for this is that the appropriate setting has been made in Customizing for Sales and Distribution specifying that the confirmed quantity is to be used.
A goods receiving point depending on the plant and storage location can be specified in Customizing for Sales and Distribution. If you then create a shipping notification relating to a standard purchase order, the system assigns the goods receiving point to the receiving plant and storage location.
Once a receiving point has been assigned, it can control the message determination process and authorizations.
You can specify that no further deliveries are possible for an item of a stock transport order. Two new fields have been added for this purpose:
If the partial delivery arrangement provides for only one delivery attempt, for example, the "delivery completed" indicator is automatically set in the PO item when the delivery is created. You can also set the indicator manually.

Change system parameters in customizing

For more information, refer to the relevant IMG documentation: