Output for Shipping Notification for Purchase Order

Until now, the creation of outputs for a shipping notification for the purchase order was not supported. In Release 4.0, you can use output control to create and process any kind of output (print, fax, EDI,...) for a shipping notification. A new transaction is used to issue the output (for example, printing). You can find this transaction in the Purchasing menu.

The output for the shipping notification is defined at header level. The corresponding output application is E1 - shipping notification.

The output type CHKL - count list has been set up in the standard system. For each type of shipping notification (delivery type), you can make appropriate settings so that a count list is automatically generated for the goods receipt. This can be used at the point of goods receipt to check against the information from the shipping notification.

Change system parameters in customizing

If you want to set up self-defined messages for the shipping notifcation, please see the section called Messages in the Implementation Guide for Purchasing. You can find the respective activities for the shipping notification in the section on Output Control.