Enhancements Involving the Entry of Services Performed


Price change

As of Release 4.0A, you can change the prices of planned services that were adopted in the service entry sheet from the underlying purchase order. A precondition for this is that the indicator "Price change at time of entry" is set in the service line of the PO.

Likewise, it is possible to change the prices of unplanned services with a link to a contract in the entry sheet if the indicator "Price change at time of entry allowed" has been set in the contract value limits of the PO.

Adoption of unplanned services

As of Release 4.0A, you can determine whether or not you wisht to adopt all planned services from the underlying purchase order on the initial screen for the service entry sheet. To do so, set the indicator "Adoption of planned services".

In the process, you have the option of entering a percentage in the field "Specified percentage for quantities", indicating which portion of the planned quantity has been performed. (For example, in the case of consultancy services, you can enter 10% of the planned services as having been rendered.)

Delete lines with zero quantity

You can also easily delete lines with zero quantities from entry sheets. In the selection process during the entry of services against a purchase order, the system may also adopt lines for which entry is complete (i.e. in respect of which the remaining quantity is zero). As a result, the service entry sheet contains lines with zero quantity.

Previously, these superfluous lines had to be deleted one by one. Now a simplified process is available via the menu path "Edit -> Delete lines with quantity 0".


As of Release 4.0A, the service entry sheet is linked to SAP Workflow.

Object services

The function "Object services" enables you to