External Services Management: Model Service Specifications


As of Release 4.0A, you have the option of storing sets of service specifications that you wish to use frequently in the form of model specifications. These can subsequently be used again and again for referencing purposes in various procurement transactions.

Like service master records, model service specifications constitute master data within External Services Management.

Changes in procedure

A set of model specifications contains individual service lines and - if desired - an outline (representing a hierarchical structure).

Apart from the outline and the detailed information on each individual service, you can maintain the following values, which are later used as default values when new purchase requisitions are created with reference to the model specs.:

You can also adopt services from model specifications using the function "Service selection" when you create purchasing documents (e.g. when creating purchase orders or contracts).

When creating requisitions and purchase orders, you can set value limits in a set of model service specifications. This means that when the services actually performed are entered into the system, unplanned services that are predefined in the model specifications may be entered up to the stipulated limit.

Via the user parameter 'MSP', you can determine on a user-specific basis which set of model specifications is suggested by the system (used as a default value).