MM-SRV: Standard Service Catalog (SSC)


Prior to Release 4.0A you have the option of storing descriptions of services that you need repeatedly as service master records in a service master file. These service master records can be used for procurement purposes in purchasing documents

As of Release 4.0A, the

standard service catalog (SSC) is available in addition to the service master file for the procurement of external services.

This represents a further means of storing service master data.

The SSC contains standardized descriptions of services in the form of individual text modules. A full description of a certain service can be assembled from various such modules. The number that uniquely identifies the service is made up of the edition year, the service type, and the numbers of the individual text modules.

The standard service catalog in the SAP System is based on the books of standard specifications issued by the German Joint Committee for Electronics in Construction ("Gemeinsamer Ausschuß für Elektronik im Bauwesen": abbreviation GAEB).

Standard service specifications are standardized service descriptions that help to reduce data redundancy. Through a combination of uniqueness and easy recognizability, they facilitate straightforward communication between contractual partners.

The system offers the following functionality:

Transfer of standard service catalogs from other systems to the SAP System

It is possible to transfer existing standard service catalogs from data carriers to the SAP System.