Invoice Verification for External Services: New Features (New GR Control)


Up to Release 3.0, invoices for external services can only be entered with reference to an accepted service entry sheet (this corresponds to "goods-receipt-based invoice verification"). At the time of service acceptance, a "valuated goods receipt" is generated by the system in the background. You can only accept performed services on a non-valuated basis by setting the "GR non-valuated" indicator at item level. Acceptance of the services is essential.

As of Release 4.0A, you can do without the GR-based invoice verification if you wish. This is useful if you want to work with an invoicing plan in the purchase order.

This gives you the following two options:

A precondition for both options is that the purchase order has account assignment (i.e. the account assignment category 'U', for unknown, is not allowed).

In both cases the default values for invoice verification are determined from the invoicing plan of the purchase order.

Further notes

For more about working with invoicing plans, please refer to the Release Info
Invoicing Plan for Recurrent Procurement Transactions and Partial Settlement.