Integration of Time Management (PT) and External Services (MM-SRV)


You can record service numbers in Time Management (PT) for External Services Management (MM-SRV). The integration allows the Materials Management component to use the functions of Time Management for recording, validating, and evaluating person-related time data.

The following changes come into effect as of Release 4.0A:

1. The data determined in Time Management is now transferred to a special interface table for external services. Table COIFT has been replaced by the interface table HRMMSRIF. The actual data transfer process remains the same.
2. The time wage types are validated against a new check table in the service master.

Change system parameters in customizing

If you already use the option of transferring data to MM-SRV in time evaluation, use the report RPUMMLG1 to copy the permitted wage types to the new check table.
For more information, please see the step
Define permitted wage types in the Implementation Guide for Time Management.

Further notes

For information on the integration between Time Management and External Services, please see the section Recording External Services in the Implementation Guide for Time Management.

For more detailed information on the concepts behind the integration, see the online documentation on the integration of Time Management with other applications under Integration with Logistics - External Services or Services.